More than a little ink has been spilled on the technological innovations of the last few decades. 

Amanda Koprowski  Managing Editor, Monitor

Amanda Koprowski

Managing Editor, Monitor

Even just within the last twenty years, we’ve seen access to digital tools move from luxuries to necessities, with the internet giving rise to cloud storage, cell phones begetting smartphones, and online stores fundamentally altering the ways people both shop and live. 

However, sometimes, in order to understand what the next advancement will be, you have to look back and re-examine what came before. Deborah Reuben explores this idea of “vuja de,” or looking at old ideas in new lights, and asks, what can companies accomplish when they’re willing to question old assumptions?

As for the digital tools that have already arrived, Katie Emmel encourages companies to take a cue from their consumer counterparts and start incorporating cloud-based systems into their businesses (as long as that system is the best fit for their business model).

Dexter Van Dango, on the other hand, takes a look at vendor financing and finds that, for all the talk of innovation in the channel, most of the fundamentals remain the same.

Speaking of vendors, we’ve once more ranked the Top 25 Players in the Vendor Channel. The top vendor players had slightly slower growth this past year, but that didn’t stop them from reaching another milestone and cracking through the $40 billion mark in volume. Monitor also sat down with some of the regulars on our list for our annual Vendor Finance Roundtable, giving the participants a chance to reflect on the previous twelve months while speaking of their hopes for the next twelve.

I had the chance to get out of the office a bit this past spring and attend the ELFA/IMN Investors’ Conference, as well as the ELFA Women’s Leadership Forum. Both conferences, while not specifically about technology, were certainly interested in the shape of the equipment finance industry to come.

We also have additional coverage of other industry meet-ups in our new regular column, Brokers Bridging the Gap, where Paul Burnham gives us a rundown of this year’s AACFB Annual Conference. In Raising the Bar, Diane Croessmann examines the nature of the vendor/funder relationship, while Jody Green and Bill Mulder provide an overview of the ins and outs of liability insurance in Tipping the Scales.

And to keep up with the theme of forward motion, up next is the Monitor 100, our biggest issue of the year. See you then!



Amanda Koprowski

Managing Editor