Colleen Daly   Vice President  Key Equipment Finance

Colleen Daly
Vice President
Key Equipment Finance

Dave Wiener   Managing Director   The Alta Group

Dave Wiener
Managing Director
The Alta Group

AS WE USHER IN A NEW YEAR, YOU WILL SEE A NEW LOOK IN THE MONITOR and a fresh perspective in every issue — 14 perspectives, in fact, from guest editors who each bring unique industry expertise and experiences to this venerable publication. This is because one of the first initiatives of the new owners of the Monitor was to create an Editorial Board — the first of its kind for a print-edition equipment finance trade magazine. This board is comprised of veteran industry thought leaders to ensure the Monitor’s content reflects the nimble and adaptive nature of our industry. Specifically, this “roll-up-our-sleeves” position entails frequent conference calls with the intent to offer a current, real-world perspective from diverse industry roles and responsibilities. 

We are pleased to present the first edition of the Monitor with the imprint of the new Editorial Board. Like past January/February issues of the magazine, this issue places a spotlight on asset management activities within the equipment finance community. The value of asset management looms large in importance between CECL implementation and a close watch on the credit cycle. While the U.S. continues to benefit from a stable economy at present, hints on the horizon suggest a potential economic slowdown, triggered by the combination of interest-rate increases, political gridlock and international trade anxiety. 

To complement discussions with industry leaders on asset and credit management, we have articles focused on what equipment finance professionals need to know this year. Charles Wendel outlines 2019 priorities and opportunities for bank-owned, independent and captive equipment finance companies. You will also find features on industry association activities, why companies need to take a “lean-in” approach to technology, how to prepare for a new year of risk and how to integrate social media into your marketing strategy. Additionally, Dexter Van Dango provides his thoughts on potential disruptors that could change the course of our industry in 2019. 



We remember an old adage in the newspaper industry, “Beware the man who buys ink by the barrel.” This well-established trade journal is now the new owner’s “baby.” And rather than retaining the prerogative to author the opening letter, this ‘ink’ will be the work of the new editorial board. We live in a changing shared economy. A magazine’s editorial corner is the last bastion of the last word. And with the decision of Monitor leadership to share its editorial privilege, beware the industry whose thought leaders hold nothing back. 

One more thing — while we’re now engaged in the mechanics of magazine publishing as an editorial board, the identity of Dexter Van Dango has not been disclosed to us. So, don’t bother calling us about that. 


Colleen Daly & Dave Wiener Monitor Guest Editors